Jungman School

Jungman School

We have ten classes for students with special education needs: kindergarten as well as grades one through nine. We tailor education practices to meet each student's unique needs and circumstances. As we work side by side with general educators, we are able to provide excellent conditions for pupils with a variety of needs in every day school life. A total of 50 students in our groups work with an individualised curriculum. Our concept of close cooperation between general education and special education is unique in the world.

Within the field of special education, we mainly focus on the areas of alternative communication, physical training, education for the visually impaired, and socio-emotional training. Our school was the first in Swedish-speaking Finland to engage in special education, and we have much experience in working with students with varying forms of functional limitations. Therefore, we have a long tradition of and expertise in being able to adapt and enable teaching and learning for all students in our school.

Our special education classes

Our faculty have a great deal of knowledge within the field of special education, and we serve as a resource centre for the surrounding region. We customise and adapt teaching according to students’ needs, and our main goals are to facilitate learning and promote a healthy self-image for all of our students.

The resource room is for students who are in the grey area between general education and special needs education. In the resource room, lessons are held for shorter periods of time so that students are able to get extra support according to their needs at the time.

Our special education teachers and supervisors closely cooperate with a variety of other organisations and institutions. The school is actively involved in the development of special needs education in Swedish-speaking Finland.